Kamis, 12 Juli 2012

When Dusk Early Arrival of RamadanBoy, look to the westDash of orange mega has welcomed our days.The days that will lead us to embrace God's loveThe days that make everyone happyThe days of the fraternal glueBetween the rich and the poorBetween the poor and the dispossessed.
Son,Orange before it disappearedBefore the night was illuminated bow-bow weLet us give thanks to HimSince we met again by day-to-day was full of grace and forgiveness.The days of good deeds doubledThe days of forgiveness in the shed of the endless sky, the day and night.
Son,This is the moment we've been waiting,When spread kindness and compassion more than usual days.When we ask kindness to ourselves and to others that we care about.
Son,Currently bedridden grandmother, pray for healing in sholatmu later and added his patience.Also pray for your father to remain strong helm of our boat house,To stay istiqomah seek sustenance is halal, it plunged into the valley of forbidden treasures which make our families who cry endlessly for that sin.Pray that your mother also grew strongly in helping the patient and his father, the love you and your sisters. Ask God to stand tall to face your mother under any circumstances, because the temptations of the world is so strong and powerful, so as to drown our patience.Also pray for friends who may be currently suffering, either by disease, poverty or misfortune that befell their family. Pray for them to keep smiling despite the sore and painful haunt their steps.Pray also friends of the are, I hope his family remain blessed so that they can help our poor brothers.Pray for the family anyway we can get these days with prayer and thanksgiving to Him. Remain consistent in order muroqobatullah, get closer to him, for he is the owner of this universe.
Son,Before we enter the holy nan.Let us purify our intentions and ourselves,Please pardon the creatorWe are sorry to friends and relativesI hope the steps we as a minor-apology apology.Son,After dusk later,Let us try ourselves menghisabStraighten out the intent and heart of this setBy reducing the laughter and jokes that can cover the heartReplace it with tears and hope may be forgivenThe sins that ever happenedMay Allah be pleased with every effort that we do.Let my son,We welcome the evening, with a pious smile and hope ..
Marhaban ya Ramadhan ...